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Kemitura A/S has been a distributor of Fuchs Lubritech GmbH for more than 30 years. Fuchs Lubritech is part of FUCHS Group. Within the FUCHS Group, FUCHS LUBRITECH is the expert for highly specialized applications. With its headquarters in Kaiserslautern, Germany and more than 500 employees worldwide, the company develops, produces and markets more than 1,000 special products, each of which is tailored precisely to its respective applications. The focus is on niche applications with maximum lubricant performance requirements and on providing outstanding technical consulting services by our lubricant experts.

Kemitura offers a great variety of specialty lubricants, and has done so for more than 50 years. The area of lubricants is huge and the products numerous.

Our focus is on the non-standard products, where the need for special knowhow and high quality is most important.

The types of lubricants we supply are…

  • Fuchs Lubrictech: As the agent and distributor for Fuchs Lubritech, we supply the high performance lubricant from our local warehouse or directly from the factory in Germany for urgent shipment
  • Pipe lubrication: Mainly soap and silicone based products, produced and delivered globally.
  • Kem-lub: The Kemitura product line, spray lubricants and cleaners for many purposes with focus on competitive prices

Finding the best-suited product for specific tasks, demands knowhow about available products and chemical composition. In Kemitura, we have this knowhow and we share it with our many trusted customers.

We analyse current consumption, demand and specifications in order to provide a solution, considering multiple aspects such as:

  • Prizing
  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Environmental impact
  • Reduction in overall number of products used
  • Etc.

We offer all kinds of products and in most cases, we can replace multiple current suppliers.

Our in stock products include:

  • Fuchs Lubritech – Gleitmo: Grease, grease paste and paste
  • Fuchs Lubritech – Ceplattyn: Open gear and wire lubricants
  • Fuchs Lubritech – Locolub/Tramlub: Railway industry lubricants
  • Fuchs Lubritech – Chemplex: Silicone greases
  • Fuchs Lubritech – Urethyn: Synthetic greases
  • Fuchs Lubritech – Ferroform & Decordyn: Rust loosener and rust prevention
  • Fuchs Lubritech – HMP & SFL: Dry film lubricants and coatings
  • Fuchs Lubritech – Cassida: Full range of food grade lubricants
  • And many more….
  • Kem-lub, KEM-107: Universal degreaser aerosol
  • Kem-lub, KEM-WO40: Universal lubricant aerosol containing PTFE
  • Kem-lub, KEM-WO50: White medical oil aerosol
  • Kem-lub, KEM-FORM T: Woodwork lubricant
  • Kem-lub, KEM-SLIP: Silicone based release agent for plastic moulding aerosol
  • And many more…

With Kemitura, you will always get an honest opinion on the selection of products currently used, and input to how you may improve/optimize your selection. In most cases, we provide this service together with the actual products. It can be done as a combination, where we supply only some products, and other suppliers provide the rest. We can provide the solution and/or the products combined - it´s up to you!

Contact us at or + 45 47 17 18 55.

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