Kemitura | Hydrophobic


KemituraSil® – Fumed Silica
Treated, hydrophobic
Types: AM-1-120   AM-1-175

KemituraSil® hydrophobic fumed Silica is treated with silanes or siloxanes

• Vinyl ester resin-based composites
• Epoxy resin-based composites
• PU resin based liquids
• Paints & Coatings
• Adhesives
• Silicone rubber and sealants
• Cable compounds
• Printing inks

Tixening and Tixotropy, anti-settling, anti-sag, moisture barrier, reiforcing,water resistance,free flow,anti cakings, hydrofobicity.

Along with the traditional application areas (e.g. polyester, silicone, paints and coatings), hydrophobic KemituraSil® products are used with increasing success in high technology fields.

KemituraSil® – Fumed Silica
Treated, hydrophobic
Types: AM-2-120

KemituraSil® AM-2-120 is a medium surface area fumed silica which has been surface treated with polydimethylsiloxane. This surface treatment results in a highly hydrophobic silica with very different performance than untreated silica.

• Thickening  efficiency
• Stable rheological performance over time
• Sag resistance
• Anti-settling of pigments and fillers
• Shear-thinning rheological behaviour

AM-2-120 is used for rheology control in a wide variety of adhesives, composite
and coatings applications:

Epoxy Adhesives and

In epoxy
adhesives and coatings, KemituraSil® AM-2-120 provides good thickening
efficiency, sag resistance (or film build) and anti-settling of pigments and
fillers. For applications requiring storage stability of KemituraSil® AM-2-120
is recommended.

Adhesives and Coatings:

In polyurethane
adhesives and coatings, KemituraSil® AM-2-120 provides the same efficient,
stable rheology control as in epoxy systems. In addition, the hydrophobic
surface of KemituraSil® AM-2-120 introduces very  little moisture into these systems preventing
premature cross-linking of moisture cured systems.

Vinyl Ester
Laminating Resins and Gel Coats:

While untreated silica are effective thickeners of unsaturated
polyester resins, KemituraSil® AM-2-120 is a more efficient, stable rheology
control additive for higher polarity systems like vinyl ester  laminating resins and gel coats.

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