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Kemitura can offer special expertise in the field of insulation, in particular glassfiber fabrics for more than 50 years. We take pride in fact that we are the oldest and largest supplier of technical fabrics in Scandinavia.

Today there are numerous types of high temperature fabrics. It demands an in depth knowledge in order to give competent advice on the fabrics best suited for any given application.

In order to provide the highest degree of flexibility, we offer a very wide range of different fabrics. The products range from European made top quality to more competitively priced products from other parts of the World.

Glassfiber fabrics are supplied for two main purposes:

  • Insulation: As cover for mattresses/pillows. These products are used in connection with turbines, power plant, ships and motors where heating or large temperature variations occur
  • Covering: As welding cover, in order to avoid personal injury, reduce risk of fire and to protect the surroundings

The products within the field of insulation, that we take special pride in are:

  • Kemtex welding cover: Especially developed double layered cover. It is waterproof, windproof, non-skid, non-absorbing, anti-itch (does not produce loose fibres when cut). Used in the offshore industry, where it has improved both work environment as well as safety
  • Extra width: We can provide up to 300 cm wide fabric with or without coating. This is used to minimize the number of cuts and weak points, where large areas needs to be covered

Contact us at and tell us more about what types of fabric you are using today.

The right strategy gives our customers more opportunities

Kemitura has over 50 years experience with technical fibres, including particularly fibreglass fabric, carbon fabric and aramide fabric. Our assortment is mainly based upon products from PD-Interglas; one of the world’s leading companise within weaving and finishing as well as coating and laminating of technical glass fabrics. Kemitura aims to maintain direct contact with the end users, in order to provide the best possible service. Sales and distribution are via our warehouses or direct from the manufacturers.

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