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Welding and Steel

Kemitura has through decades been supplying a wide range of industries with some of the more unique products within the world of welding applications as well as the steel industry of today.

Welding Cover
Our certified silicone-coated welding cover is highly praised among a wide range of end users from the offshore industry to the military. It is easy to cut in without scratching your fingers, and it is fast and flexible when covering up nearby objects.

Purefix® pickling paste for stainless steel wel- ding is the only product totally free from Hydroflouric acid. This makes it much more user friendly and it is well-known in the food industry due to its outstanding environmental capabilities.

Steel Clean®
The ultimate cleaner for stainless steel. It removes mineral deposits, flash rust and corrosion. Easy to use and water-based. Safe to use on stainless steel, aluminium, copper and brass.

Steel Protect®
After using Steel Clean try our Steel Protect for the perfect finish and corrosion protection. It promotes uniform aging of stainless steel. Prevents permanent finger marks on brushed and polished stainless steel. Displaces moisture and provides temporary corrosion protection. Silicone-based.

The right strategy gives our customers more opportunities

Kemitura has over 50 years experience with technical fibres, including particularly fibreglass fabric, carbon fabric and aramide fabric. Our assortment is mainly based upon products from PD-Interglas; one of the world’s leading companise within weaving and finishing as well as coating and laminating of technical glass fabrics. Kemitura aims to maintain direct contact with the end users, in order to provide the best possible service. Sales and distribution are via our warehouses or direct from the manufacturers.

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