Pastes and grease pastes from FUCHS LUBRITECH

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Pastes and grease pastes from FUCHS LUBRITECH


It is precisely in the marginal areas of grease lubrication where grease pastes exhibit their exceptional efficiency. Even with slow movements, under very high pressure, or in case of oscillatory or sudden loads, they inhibit metallic contact, thus preventing or reducing wear, such as scuffing.

Pastes generally designate consistent lubricants with a relatively high solid lubricant content. Hence, pastes and grease pastes are mixtures consisting of base oil and/or grease and solid lubricants, which can act as a thickener. Depending on their solid lubricant content, these FUCHS LUBRITECH products are classified as grease pastes or pastes. If the content is or exceeds 40 % the mixture is called a paste; with the content ranging between 10 and 40 % it is called a grease paste. If a product contains less than 10% solid lubricants, it is referred to as grease.

The FUCHS LUBRITECH product range includes a multitude of pastes for a large variety of applications. Examples are assembly pastes which are indispensable for demanding operating conditions and running-in processes, high-temperature screw pastes ensuring that screws and bolts can be loosend after their exposure to high temperatures, or white pastes, which have proven themselves particularly in the field of machine elements with oscillatory movements. Our gleitmo product range has the right solution for every application.

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