Fumed Silica

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Fumed Silica

KemituraSil® products are used in the production industry as an thickening agent.

We have specialized in the production and development of hydrophobic fumed silica grades. These types are used in high quality products where the longest possible durability and the highest possible stability in the final product are wanted. The production process is extremely complicated, and for this reason very few producers master it.

Below are a few of the many products KemituraSil® has developed, and delivers to the industry that we are especially proud of:


KemituraSil® AM-1-120, KemituraSil® AM-1-175, KemituraSil® AM-2-120.


KemituraSil® 120, KemituraSil® 150, KemituraSil® 200, KemituraSil® 300, KemituraSil® 380.

Other information:


Coatings, Composites, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Adhesives, Sealants, Electro-Photographic Painting, Free-Flowing.


SiO2 min. wt%, Fe203 min. wt%, Al203 max. wt%, Ti02 max. wt%, Ph value, Æass on druing max. wt%.



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Fumed Silica

KemituraSil® Fumed Silica is a white fluffy powder with extremely small particle size, enormous sur- face and high purity. Kemitura Group offers a complete range of both hydrophilic and hydrophobic grades of Fumed Silica as one of very few manufacturers.
The unique characteristics ensure that these KemituraSil® grades can be used for many applications and various industries.

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